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Internationally recognized author and theologian Andrew Gabriel opens readers’ eyes to who the Holy Spirit is, how He can be fully experienced, and what it means to be charismatic.

Many Christians, not just those who identify with the charismatic tradition, want to experience the Holy Spirit more but are afraid of falling into excess. Some attend churches that rarely speak of the Holy Spirit and are left curious about how the Spirit moves. As a result, too many Christians hesitate to intentionally open themselves to the Spirit’s presence.

Written by Andrew Gabriel, an internationally acclaimed theologian of the Spirit, Simply Spirit-Filled reveals a breathtaking vision of what it means to live the Spirit-filled life. Gabriel matches the more charismatic experiences of God with a thoughtful and thorough theology lesson delivered from an honest and often humorous firsthand perspective. Through a tour of contemporary testimonies and biblical accounts of experiencing the Holy Spirit, this book reveals how to discern the legitimate signs of the Spirit’s presence. Simply Spirit-Filled encourages readers by showing them ways the Spirit is already quietly at work in and around them.

Simply Spirit-Filled has a wonderful way of blending theology and application as it investigates praying in tongues, how to hear God speak, and the spiritual gifts. It offers answers to questions about being slain in the Spirit, the relationship of faith and the healing power of the Spirit, and what it means to be spiritual. Simply Spirit-Filled is a biblically rooted, pastorally sensitive, and well-informed introduction to some of the basics of the charismatic tradition. Gabriel brings clarity to the confusion as he nudges Spirit-experience junkies toward discernment and steers skeptics toward experiencing the Spirit as more than just idly dwelling within them.

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