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Abba Oil, LLC


Our mission is to provide Biblical fragrant anointing oils to be used as “ministry tools”. Our mandate from the Lord was and is to use the finest olive oil from Israel and the purest resins, gums, spices and herbs available in the production of our anointing oils. Our commitment is to serve and undergird ministries and individuals throughout the world who use anointing oil in worship and in prayer for healing, deliverance, consecration, and dedication. Wherever possible, scriptures and prayers are provided with each product to encourage and instruct the user.


People continually say, “There is something about this oil”. Our goal is to offer the world’s finest anointing oil in the biblical fragrances of Frankincense & Myrrh, Spikenard, Myrrh, Cedars of Lebanon, Hyssop, and other “spiritually-rich” fragrances, using as close to the ancient methods of compounding as were used in the early temple days. The golden olive oil, resins, gums, herbs and spices originate from most of the same countries as in ancient days.


Abba strives for excellence in everything we do and our products are designed to bring honor to the King of Kings, whether used personally or given as gifts.  As these fragrant oils and candles are used in prayer for healing, cleansing, deliverance, dedication and consecration and during times of worship and intercession, many will experience a deep awareness of His presence. The wax used in the making of the candles is blended with the same fragrance oils that are used in our anointing oils. Even before the candles are lit, they give off a wonderful fragrance that fills the room. Designed to last a long time, they bring hours of enjoyment to the user. And the newest addition to our product line, our bath and spa products, are made with the finest aromatherapeutic ingredients using the same wonderful fragrant oils found in our anointing oils and candles.


Our commitment is to meet your personal and ministry needs. We will endeavor to have all of our products in stock and available for immediate shipping at a reasonable cost. Most orders will be shipped within 72 hours. Keep in mind that we close at 4:30 pm on Fridays (Shabbat).

We trust you will be completely delighted with any ABBA purchase. If you are not satisfied with our products you may contact us and request a replacement or a full refund. It is our sincere pleasure to be a part of your ministry, whether you are in formal or individual ministry. And we pray the blessings of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob upon you, your family and your ministry!

Rodger and Greer Kenworthy
Established Aug 1995



8850 Windfern Rd, Suite 5
Houston, TX 77064

TEL: 713-896-1859
FAX: 281-598-1784 

Hours: Monday - Friday 8-4:30 (Closed on Weekends)

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